Terms and Conditions


1. Refund Policy

50% Non-refundable deposit may be required on some orders.  The balance of the order is due before the order is shipped, upon delivery or at pick up.  Orders will not be released to the customer until the full payment has been paid.  If NuVision Designs cannot complete your order for any reason at the fault of NuVision Designs, you will be refunded UP TO 100%

of the total bill. Each project will be assessed individually.


2.  Return Policy

If there is a problem with your order, notify NuVision Designs within 15 days for a resolution.


3.  Shipping Policy

Please allow 5 to 15 days after your order is complete for your item to be shipped. If NuVision Designs is delivering your order or you are picking up your order, a time will be collaborated with you. 


4.  Contact Information:

     NuVision Designs

     PO Box 4455

     Wilmington NC 28406





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PO Box 4455

Wilmington NC 28406


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